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Gemstone Faceting - William Holland, July 15 - July 21, 2018

  • SFMS at William Holland School of Lapidary Young Harris, GA USA (map)

Gemstone Faceting – Linda Searcy
William Holland, Young Harris, GA - July 15 - July 21, 2018

Registration: William Holland School of Lapidary

Precision faceting takes time and patience to transform a crystal or rough rock into a work of art. In this week long workshop, you will:

1) get acquainted with the faceting machine

2) learn about abrasive disks / laps to do the cutting / grinding and polishing

3) learn how to turn a piece of natural or man-made (synthetic) crystal into a beautiful gemstone; learn how to prepare / dop a stone; learn how to read and understand a faceting diagram; learn Meet Point (precision) faceting.

By the end of the week, you should complete at least one or several gemstones. Due to the nature of the precision work, you will need magnification, either an Optivisor or 10X magnification loupe.

Material / Lab fee: $50

Fee will include facet rough (natural and/or synthetic) to complete at least 1 or 2 gemstones, basic faceting design diagrams, polishing lap