Videos - Past Jewelry Creations

A few short video clips of some of my past works ... I hope they are to your liking! BTW, best viewed in HD if available (and you may want to turn down or turn off the audio).

Multi-stone ring, custom order - smallest ring that I have made, size 3.5 -

Box locket - completely fabricated from sterling silver and fine silver, hinge / pin, roller printed metal cabochon, keum boo accents -

Tab set river rock pendant - used as a class sample in one of the classes that I teach -

Prong set druzy pendant - how about some major bling? Also taught in a class of mine -

Garnet Flower Pendant - a piece showing textures to give a piece some dimension -

Twirling Pinwheel pendant - a little fun thing made for a challenge and also for a charity event -