Home Studio Tools... GRS Benchmate

Have I told you I love tools?  It seems that as a maker of any kind of art or craft, tools are high on the Wish List!  When I started with wire jewelry, I had very few tools - a couple of hand pliers, a wooden ring mandrel, a small ball peen hammer, and a steel block.

Now as a metalsmith, the tools wish list is ever growing and never ending ... I even have an apron reflecting that LOL!  What's on your tools wish list?


My latest acquisition... a  GRS Benchmate.  For stone setting. 


Now how to install on my bench and make it portable?  

I am thinking of a wooden tool holder ... cut some scrap wood, a thick block and a slat, screw the GRS plate into the thick block that is attached to the slat.  Hold the slat to the table with C-clamps.  Will that suffice and provide stability?  A visit to the Crafts Center wood studio/workshop at NC State!

If you are interested, here is my home studio - photo album on Facebook